The dreaded chaos because of all-digital tickets

The all-digital ticketing revolution is causing outrage among fans and fears of long queues around stadiums this weekend for the Premier League to resume.

The resumption of the Premier League this weekend could be accompanied by long queues around the stadiums. The reason? The increase in the number of clubs now using digital tickets. 

West Ham recently infuriated their supporters after switching to digital tickets and subscriptions. The club even had to backtrack by allowing home printing after the circulation of a petition widely signed by supporters refusing to download the tickets to their phones.

At the end of the covid, the Premier League had recommended that clubs favor dematerialized tickets. Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Crystal Palace or Leeds adopted smartphone subscriptions last season and this led to long queues at the start of its application. Others still allow both options (like Leicester) but discontent is mounting over the hidden costs of this measure. Some clubs, such as Crystal Palace, have added additional charges for supporters wishing to make their ticket available in their absence.

Last season, several disruptions were recorded at the turnstiles with reading errors. The problem recently came to the forefront during the fiasco of the organization of the final of the Champions League final with holders of real tickets, failed by the turnstiles. French authorities had criticized UEFA and Liverpool for allowing the sale of paper tickets, which would facilitate fakes and counterfeiting.

“When clubs make big changes to their ticketing operations, such as going digital, we expect them to consult with their supporters about this,” “Should be able to easily enter the stands.”

A football Supporters Association spokesperson said.

Source: Dailymail

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