On & Off the Pitch Series


In this riveting episode we’re exploring the NBA’s In-Season Tournament. Join us as we dissect the tournament’s structure, highlighting fierce group play with NBA powerhouses and knockout rounds featuring exhilarating single-elimination action. How the unique flair of painted court designs adds visual excitement, while an enticing prize pool motivates players and coaches with substantial cash rewards all in this episode.
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Dive into the UEFA Champions League’s fantastic History.
In this episode, we explore the tournament’s evolution from intense clashes in 1987 to Silvio Berlusconi’s visionary influence. Witness the birth of the modern Champions League in 1992-93, transforming football and paving the way for lucrative broadcasting deals. Uncover the game’s fascinating journey at the intersection of sport, media, and entertainment. Tune in for this insightful episode and stay connected for more…


Get an insider’s look at the African Football League, a pioneering competition dedicated to raising the standard of African club football. Join us on a journey that unveils its origin, mission, and the hurdles it must overcome. Tune in now and witness the transformation of African football.


Are you ready to dive into the inspiring journey of a tennis prodigy who’s taken the world by storm? Join us on a captivating audio adventure as we unravel the incredible rise of Coco Gauff, the new queen of American tennis. From her early days swinging a racket in Atlanta to making history at the Grand Slam, we’ll explore every twist and turn that led her to the pinnacle of the tennis world. Get ready to be inspired by her determination, her remarkable talent, and her journey from emerging talent to Grand Slam champion. This is the podcast where Coco Gauff’s story unfolds – a story that continues to make history and redefine American tennis.
In this episode, we delve into the captivating journey of Eden Hazard, a player whose brilliance shone during his seven-year spell at Chelsea, where he garnered accolades and established himself as one of the Premier League’s finest. From being the most fouled player in the league to winning prestigious awards, Hazard’s impact was undeniable. However, his high-profile move to Real Madrid in 2019 brought new challenges, from weight issues to inevitable comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo.
So how does an NBA Team sell/buy a player?
In this episode, we’re taking you behind the curtain and unveiling the intricate steps and considerations that go into making an NBA trade.
Football is always evolving, with international competitions expanding, wages and transfer costs rising, and even VAR continuing to advance.
The number of players on a pitch, however, never changes. It may have only been a case of trial and error.
The introduction of goalkeepers in 1871 may have caused the customary standard of 11 players to quickly become the perfect number for the amount of empty space that needed to be filled in 1897.
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