On the front page of GQ Italia for the month of October, Paul Pogba confided in his return to Juventus, on the level of the France team and on his relationship with his supporters and detractors, without directly mentioning the court case related to his brother Mathias.

Paul Pogba spoke at length to GQ Italia , in an interview published this Thursday for the October edition but carried out at the end of August. Although his news is essentially linked to the court case linked to his brother Mathias , the 29-year-old world champion does not talk about it in the columns of the magazine. At the time of the interview, the first revelations have just emerged. 

“It must be for this reason that, on the day of our meeting, what immediately stands out is his desire to talk about football, and the effect of serenity and joy of living that, despite everything, the subject provokes in him”.

The GQ journalist simply states.

A connection with the case can possibly be made in the words of Paul Pogba when asked about his way of ignoring the media noise and the negative comments on social networks:

“You know, having started playing at a high very young level, I am used to dealing with rumours. (…) We live each week with praise and criticism, knowing that we must maintain a balance and focus on our work”


“It’s really incredible. To them, I promise to work hard to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, and to help the team achieve victories she deserves.”

However, he does not fail to “thank” his supporters among the Bianconeri supporters.

“I became like Pirlo, Buffon, Chiellini”

“I like to think and say that it was my heart that made the choice. Maybe it was also a good time to come back here”. 

On more football topics, Paul Pogba was obviously invited to speak about his return to Juventus this summer.

About Massimiliano Allegri, today decried from all sides and called to resign : “I have always had a very strong relationship with the coach. (…) He knows me and always pushed me when we We were here together. Even when I was in Manchester, we kept in touch and talked a lot.”

“Now I look at myself and I think I have become like these players, like Pirlo , like Buffon, like Chiellini. It’s my turn to do to Juve what they did”.

Great hope on his arrival for his first stint at Juventus, Paul Pogba now believes he has the stature of the players who once framed him.

Paul Pogba also spoke about the France team. He did not dwell on his injury , which could cause him to miss the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (November 20-December 18), but on the quality of the national team’s reservoir:

“Every year, young people arrive and are ready to join the group. When we look at the list of players called up, we say to ourselves that we could bring out two or three high-level teams. (…) There is competition, but despite that, a great group has formed, with a great mentality”.

Source: RMC Sport

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