President Paul Kagame has tasked officials in charge of football in the country to tackle issues surrounding the game which include; witchcraft, unprofessionalism, bribery and hinted that failure to solve problems in the sports sector will warrant his involvement. Kagame said this during the “Ask The President” session on Tuesday, July 4.

The President emphasized that the focus should be on developing football, honing players’ skills, and ensuring fair play on the field. Instead, he revealed that some individuals involved in sports are entangled in bad practices that involve manipulation of referees.

The discussion was prompted by a viral picture of him playing football during a Football Delegation Tournament game at the 73rd FIFA Congress in March.

The president was questioned about the country’s investment in the sports sector and the perceived lack of results from the national teams despite significant investments.

In response, President Kagame acknowledged the complexities surrounding the issue, expressing his commitment to finding solutions.

He highlighted efforts to promote sports, particularly football, by providing training opportunities for children from a young age. The establishment of camps equipped with necessary infrastructure and materials has also been implemented. The president suggested that such initiatives could be expanded to include schools and districts across the country.

President Kagame also addressed the need for a shift in mindset among those involved in the sports sector, particularly coaches and individuals driving the initiative. He expressed his disappointment with certain behaviors that hinder progress, such as engaging in witchcraft, offering bribes, and conflicts with referees.

These detrimental actions divert attention from the development of sports and impede the country’s progress.

“With these actions, sports can go nowhere. These are things that have to stop in the first place,”

He said.

Determined to bring about positive change, President Kagame vowed to dedicate his time and efforts to resolving these issues, similar to his approach in other sectors.

He emphasized that there would be no room for excuses once he intervenes, and those involved in inappropriate or counterproductive behaviors should be prepared for consequences. The president stressed that sports is a national endeavor that impacts the lives of all citizens.

Source: The New Times

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