In the NBA, the regular season is coming to an end. Depending on the franchise, there are three or four games left to play. As a result, the debate over the regular season MVP (renamed the Michael Jordan Trophy) is raging. In the field of candidates, two giants dominate: Nikola Jokic, double MVP in title, and Joel Embiid. The Cameroonian is also for many, the designated winner. This is what Steph Curry thinks.

“I’d say Joel,” said the Warriors’ point guard to Bleacher Report without hesitation. “Whatever you choose, it’s going to be compared to Jokic or Giannis. But Joel has taken a leap forward that few people suspected because he was already dominant. That leap forward turned heads, and put Philly in a very good position. If I had the opportunity to choose, it would be him. According to ESPN, Joel Embiid is currently ahead of Jokic in MVP voting. The Cameroonian has 790 points and 40 first places (out of 100 possible), two small points more than Nikola Jokic. The Serbian points with 788 points and the first 42 places. It looks like it will be close.

Source: Sport News Africa Mag

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