Klopp confirms Liverpool agree deal for Brighton’s Caicedo

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that the club has reached an agreement to sign midfielder Moisés Caicedo from Brighton.

But sources told ESPN that Chelsea are considering whether to improve their offer of £90m for the 21-year-old midfielder in an attempt to rival Liverpool’s dramatic intervention.

Reports say the deal to bring Caicedo to Anfield is worth £111 million ($141m), which would be a British record for a player.

“I can confirm the [Moises Caicedo] deal with the club is agreed, whatever that means in the end,”

“Of course, we want the player and not just the agreement. We don’t have endless resource.

“We didn’t expect a couple of things to happen over the summer, but when that happened, we gave it a go. Let’s see what happens and we go from there.”

Klopp told a news conference on Friday.

Klopp has previously been critical of teams spending big money on transfers but said the transfer market has changed.

“Everything changed. Do I like it? No. Did I realise I was wrong? Yes,”

“I’m not blaming anyone, but it’s just the market.

“In the end, we as a club have to make sure that, with our resources, we get the best possible player.

“We aren’t in a dreamland and can’t just point at a player and get them to come in. Sometimes one door closes and another opens up.”

Klopp said.

Source: ESPN

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