Asked for the UEFA site, Sadio Mané responded to criticism surrounding his mixed debut with Bayern Munich, which receives Viktoria Plzen this Tuesday (6:45 p.m.), in the Champions League.

Difficult to forget a striker as prolific as Robert Lewandowski , all the more so when the latter demonstrates his extraordinary talents as a scorer every weekend with Barça, in La Liga. It is however the mission which falls to the Senegalese Sadio Mané (30 years old), defector of Liverpool. After a thunderous debut in the German Supercup and then during the first three days of the Bundesliga, the mechanics seized up somewhat. Mané has lost efficiency. And as often in this case, the criticisms were quick to rain down in the German press.

“Everything is going as I had imagined”

“Moving from one club to another is not at all easy,” 

” I spent eight great years in England and now I’m in another country, everything is changing. The people, the training, you have to adapt, I knew that, it’s no surprise. But everything happens the way I imagined it. The people are incredible, the welcome, the players, the people around the club are exceptional.”

Mané on the UEFA website , at the dawn of a European week which could serve as a trigger for him.

If Mané’s debut has not yet met the expectations generated by his arrival, the Senegalese found his way back to the net in Bolivia during a friendly match with his selection and scored against Leverkusen (4-0) this weekend. end, even bordering on the double. Enough to revive it before facing Viktoria Plzen twice in the Champions League, the team deemed the weakest in the group on paper.

Expected at the turn, Sadio Mané must get in tune with his young teammates (Sané, Musiala, etc.) on the attacking front and regain the efficiency that was his when he formed a hellish trio in Liverpool. with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino. 

“We have a very young team. It’s the first time in my career that I find myself in such a young team, but what struck me the most is that the players are all hungry, they are listening , it’s easy to shine with these very talented young people.” 


All that remains is to prove it over time.

Source: RMC Sport

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