Morocco are set to play a historic match against Germany this Monday, July 24, 2023, on Matchday 1 of Group H of the Women’s World Cup. Nouhaila Benzina will become the first player in history to wear a hijab in a Women’s World Cup match, following FIFA authorization.

The Moroccan national team takes to the field this Monday, July 24, against Germany (8:30 am GMT) in their Group H matchday 1. While the opposition is eagerly awaited by the African continent, the event is more significant elsewhere. Nouhaila Benzina will be the first woman to wear the hijab in a World Cup match. This will forever mark the history of women’s soccer. A Moroccan international since 2017, the defender will enable women’s soccer to reach an important milestone for Muslim women in this discipline.

FIFA paves the way
While the wearing of the headscarf was the subject of debate at the 2012 London Olympics with Iran’s national team, women’s soccer has taken a step forward following FIFA’s decision to allow hijabeans to realize their dream without any constraints. FIFA has become more tolerant on this sensitive issue. Considered discriminatory and contrary to the principles of religious freedom, the lifting of the hijab ban is a significant step forward in promoting inclusion and diversity in sport. The step taken by FIFA could be the first step towards its adoption in countries still reluctant to see a player veiled. France, for example, is still opposed to the practice, in line with its regulations on the neutrality of sport.

A step forward for women’s soccer This Monday, July 24, Nouhaila Benzina wearing her hijab at a World Cup match. It’s an image that could be seen around the world, especially in countries where the hijab is an important sign of faith. A gesture that will allow young girls who dream of a career as a professional player to no longer have an obstacle between their religion, their culture and their passion.All that remains now is for Nouhaila Benzina and her Moroccan team-mates to make a successful World Cup debut against tournament favourites Germany.In Group H, the Atlas Lionesses face South Korea on Matchday 2 (August 30) and Colombia on Matchday 3 (August 3).

Source: SNA

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