Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken to Piers Morgan about the death of his son last year and the support he received from the “English community”. The Manchester United and Portugal forward says he “never expected” the reaction he got from Liverpool and Arsenal fans. Ronaldo also received a letter from the Royal Family. He says he keeps his son’s ashes in his home.

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he received a letter of condolence from the Royal Family following the death of his newborn son in 2021.

Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez were expecting twins, but their son died during childbirth.

Manchester United and Portugal forward Ronaldo has said it was the most difficult moment of his life since his father died.

He received support from opposition fans at Manchester United’s next two games against Liverpool, which Ronaldo missed, and Arsenal, which he returned to play in.

Liverpool fans sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone in the seventh minute in tribute to Ronaldo.

“I never ever expected that, never,”

“I have the opportunity now to say, [to] all English community, thank you a lot for that, kind of that they held with me. Not only Liverpool but all of England.

“I received a letter from The Queen’s family as well…it surprised me a lot…unbelievable.

“This is why I say, I respect a lot, the English community, and English people because they’ve been very kind to me.

“And in that difficult moment of my life…it was spectacular the way they treat me, me and my family in that difficult moment.”

he told Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo has also revealed that he keeps his son’s ashes at home with him.

“His ashes are with me, like my Daddy, they are here in the house. It is something that I want to hold for the rest of my life and not throw to the ocean or to the sea,”

said Ronaldo, whose father died in 2005.

Source: Eurosport

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