In the latest instalment of its extensive dossier on corruption in Cameroonian soccer, Camfoot accuses Samuel Eto’o of having favored Victoria United by organizing match-fixing.

“Eto’o’s Fecafoot does indeed rig matches in the pro leagues” is the title chosen by Camfoot for the latest article in its dossier devoted to Samuel Eto’o and suspected corruption in the Cameroonian championship. In the final article of a dossier comprising no less than 9 articles, the Cameroonian media uses the affirmative to openly accuse the president of the Cameroon Football Federation of fixing league matches. An action in favor of Victoria United and its president Valentine Nkwain, whose telephone discussion with Eto’o had leaked onto social networks.

After research, the media outlet claims that the audio is authentic, and that the comments made by Samuel Eto’o and his interviewee, who spoke of a strategy to get Victoria United into the Cameroon First Division, have been verified. He also relies on other elements, such as the testimony of one of the club’s goalkeepers and the choice of referees appointed to referee Victoria United (only 3 of the same referees in 13 of the 24 matches played by the team out of a total of 39 referees), to support his case.

Another point highlighted was the four matches won by Victoria United in the offices, after appeal to the Cameroon Football Federation’s disciplinary committee. A total of 12 points, which greatly helped the club, according to the Cameroonian media, for whom the body is in the hands of Samuel Eto’o and his entourage. “All the referrals made by soccer players have not led to any hearings or investigations. This also means that the Ethics Commission is anything but independent.It is under orders…”, says the media outlet, in no uncertain terms.

A publication that is causing a stir in Cameroon, giving arguments to supporters of the conspiracy theory to raise Victoria United. It remains to be seen how the Eto’o clan will react to this latest attack, which openly points the finger at the boss of Cameroonian soccer, whose tenure is becoming a little more turbulent with each passing day.

Source: SNA

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