AFCON 2023: Six Guinean fans die as Feguifoot calls for calm

AFCON 2023: Six Guinean fans die as Feguifoot calls for calm post thumbnail image

There is shock and consternation in Guinea. Six people died in the capital after the Syli’s victory over Gambia. Three deaths were recorded in Yamoussoukro, where the Guinean team is based.

Six dead in Conakry after Guinea’s victory over Gambia

Guinea has recorded its first victory at the AFCON 2023. The Syli overcame Gambia on the second day of Group C (1-0). Fans took to the roads of Guinea’s capital Conakry to celebrate by car and motorcycle. Unfortunately, six fans lost their lives. Faced with this situation, the Guinean Football Federation is calling on fans to remain calm: “What’s important is that our fans and the public celebrate in a very measured way,” Feguifoot media manager Amadou Makadji told BBC Sport Africa.

He continued: “They must be very careful not to put themselves in danger, because the purpose of soccer is to bring joy and not to leave families in mourning. We don’t want the dead to cry, so we’re calling on everyone to celebrate but to take care of themselves. so that nothing happens to them…Guinea is a country where people are very, very passionate about soccer and where they live soccer like nowhere else in the world.”

Three dead in Yamoussoukro

In Yamoussoukro, where the Guinean national team is based, deaths were also recorded. Three people died in a high-speed collision between two vehicles, and dozens were injured in road accidents, a police source told Agence France Presse. AFP also reported that many fans were riding on the hoods of cars.

Pascal Feindouno, one of Guinea’s star players who reached three consecutive quarter-finals between 2004 and 2008, urges fans to support in moderation. “I have a message to send to the people of Guinea,” the 42-year-old told the BBC.Rest assured that we will do something at the Nations Cup, but we have learned something that will destabilize us. We learned that there were deaths after the victory over Gambia. We want this to stop, because we’re here to defend our country’s colors.Everything’s going well for us right now, so support the country but don’t do anything that could kill you.Stay calm, thank you.”

Guinea play their final group match this Tuesday, January 23 against reigning African champions Senegal.

Source: SNA

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