In an interview with Afrik Foot, Claude Le Roy names his 3 favorites for the AFCON 2023, which kicks off in less than 3 months’ time (January 13-February 11).

“I wouldn’t be original if I said they’re the regulars.

That is, Senegal, Morocco and Algeria,” he began.

Personally, I always prefer to bet on teams that can surprise. There’s Egypt, of course, but there’s also Mali, who I’ve personally been waiting to see for a very long time. There’s so much potential talent in that country!

There’s also South Africa, and then there’s the host country, although I wouldn’t put Côte d’Ivoire among the early favourites. I hope the DRC and Nigeria come up with a good standard. Because they are two huge soccer nations with the potential to be world champions one day,” continued the French coach.

The 75-year-old coach also expressed his scepticism about the Cameroon team. “I’m not sure about Cameroon. Because, not only are they struggling, but they don’t have a real foundation. Even if there is talent in the Cameroon team, we shouldn’t necessarily select names or retain talent. We must always be vigilant,” he concluded.

Source: SNA

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