World Cup 2022: How much will the winner get?

Fifa plans for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar an overall envelope of 440 million dollars (or approximately 417 million euros) for its endowment budget. The winner will be entitled to a very nice sum.

There is first and foremost the sporting issue, of course. Winning the World Cup is a holy grail for any player. The pinnacle of a career, the absolute accomplishment. But there is also a nice financial carrot. According to the figures communicated on its official website , Fifa plans for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar an overall envelope of 440 million dollars (or approximately 417 million euros) for its endowment budget.

The jackpot for the winner

In detail, the winning country will receive 42 million dollars (39.8 million euros), the other finalist being entitled to 30 million dollars (28.4 million euros). Fifa is also offering 1.5 million dollars (1.4 million euros) to each of the 32 countries on the starting line to “contribute to the costs of participation”. As a reminder, there will be four groups of eight teams in the first round. The first two will qualify for the eighth. The nations eliminated in pools will receive 9 million dollars (8.5 million euros). Reaching the eighth will bring in an additional 13 million dollars (12.3 million euros). A place in the quarters is 17 million dollars (16.1 million euros).

In the France team , the question of bonuses is often a taboo subject. How should the sums allocated by the International Federation be shared? “Fifa gives a sum to each Federation, explained Noël Le Graët four years ago at the World Cup in Russia. The players have 30% of this sum. It has been clear since the World Cup in Brazil. If we go to the semi-finals, it will be 150,000 per player. And in the final 280,000 euros. But beware, these sums do not fit into the federal budget. The first negotiation for the 30% was long but it became part of our customs. .”

As a reminder, the Blues will attack the defense of their title in Qatar on November 22 against Australia. They will then challenge Denmark on November 26, before completing this group stage against Tunisia on November 30.

Source: RMC Sport

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