Tuchel accused of “inappropriate behavior”

The English Football Federation announced on Monday that Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel had been formally charged with “inappropriate behavior” after his criticism of Anthony Taylor, the referee of the match against Tottenham (2-2), on August 14 .

 “Thomas Tuchel is alleged that his comments during the post-match press conference simply bias and/or call into question the integrity of the match referee and/or undermine his the reputation of the discipline”, 

Explained the FA in its press release.

“How can he see that and not whistle a foul and give a red card? How?” he exclaimed in particular about Taylor who had not sent off Tottenham defender Cristian Romero who had drawn the the hair of Blues left piston Marc Cucurella seconds before Harry Kane equalized in injury time.

Tottenham’s first goal was also marred by a foul on Kai Havertz at the start of the action, he said. “I can’t understand how the first goal is not (cancelled for) a foul or how a player can pull an opponent’s hair from a corner kick. I’m very curious to hear the explanation,” had- he cursed.

“I can assure you that it’s not just our supporters, the whole dressing room is of this opinion,” he also explained when asked if he had “a problem” with the referee. The boss has until Thursday to present elements of defence, the FA added.

A burning handshake with Conte

The match ended with another incident between the two coaches, Tuchel and Antonio Conte being separated by their staff after an excessively manly handshake, embellished with a few flowery remarks, which had earned them both a red card.

The German had been given a one-match suspension, which he still has to serve, and 35,000 pounds (41,000 euros) fine by the federation, while the Italian will have to pay 15,000 pounds (17,700 euros).

Source: Mathieu Idiart with AFP

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