The punishment of Braithwaite and Umtiti: Barça assures them that they will not have a shirt number

It’s no longer fun at all at Barça. The new Catalan management have decided that they no longer count on Samuel Umtiti and Martin Braithwaite and let them know in no uncertain terms since according to Sport , the two players will not have a number for the coming season and their contract will be unilaterally terminated at August 31 if they haven’t found a new club by then.

the Catalan daily explains that the situation is much more blocked with the Dane who is asking for the payment of all the salaries provided for in his contract to leave than with the Frenchman who is looking for a way out.

Braithwaite agrees to leave if they pay him the entire contract through a termination, while the Frenchman is being more proactive but has not yet decided on any market opportunity that has arisen waiting for a better offer. The club has informed the two that they will not have a number and that they will wait until August 31 to kick them out in the event that there is no solution before then.

The Blaugrana club had serious hopes of placing Braithwaite and even getting some financial return through a transfer since several clubs had been interested in him. Neither the striker nor his entourage have wanted to negotiate anything in an attitude of total blockade. 

From there, Barça offered him the letter of freedom despite the fact that 18 million euros were invested in signing him, but there has been no response either. At Barça they know that the Dane manages some offer in Spain and some millionaire in Saudi Arabia, but he does not sign anything. 

He wants to terminate with full salary and that is what could happen but at the end of the market. For now the situation is very rocky.

Source: RMC Sport

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