The new addiction that is developing in the English championships

Former third division player in England, Ryan Cresswell testified on Wednesday to his former addiction to sleeping pills, which almost cost him his life. Now sober for a year, the manager of Sheffield FC wishes to warn about this practice, which according to him is spreading in the world of English football.

This is valuable evidence that could alert clubs and players, and prevent several professional footballers from leaving the road. In any case, this is the objective of the speech by Ryan Cresswell, former player of several English third division clubs (Northampton Town, Rotherham United, Southend United) and now manager of Sheffield FC (not to be confused with Sheffield United).

” If I can talk about what happened to me and it prevents a single current player from going through what I went through, that’s enough, “

Cresswell said in an interview with The Independent.

The ex-player, now 34, has publicly described his addiction to sleeping pills, which he says has become ” a big problem in football, at the very top “. In other words: a problem that also affects Premier League players.

” It started after one game, it was great and I think it’s the right way to take them. But then I went to two by day and I knew I was addicted. It wasn’t me who wanted it, it was my body. I knew it wasn’t right. It was horrible. “

For Cresswell, taking sleeping pills started as for many players.

Rooney arrested in 2018 after an alcohol-sleeping pill

Sleeping pills, which are not considered to be doping products, are generally used by footballers after a match to help them fall asleep better after the adrenaline rush caused by a match. Mixed with alcohol, these pills can however cause an explosive and potentially fatal cocktail.

After Wayne Rooney’s arrest in December 2018 in Washington for insults and drunkenness, his lawyer clarified that the player was “disoriented ” because of this sleeping pill-alcohol cocktail. In the case of Ryan Cresswell, this addiction could have cost him his life, when he explains that she almost pushed him to “ throw himself under a train “.

After a first rehab and a relapse, the manager of Sheffield FC says he has been sober for twelve months now, and therefore wishes to warn of the risks and the spread of this practice among professional footballers.

” There are 22 or 23 year olds in the Premier League and the Championship who take too many sleeping pills, “

Cresswell said.

At least one Premier League player affected

” It’s only three years later that they will realize they have a real problem. The night sweats and tremors will come and they will just have to get by, ”

Adds the former player.

Two years ago, the organization Sporting Chance, which helps athletes with mental difficulties, alerted players in the English championships to the risks of taking sleeping pills.

The Telegraph has since revealed that a Premier League player has sought help with this type of addiction and that another player, one of the stars of the Championship, is also addicted to this type of product. With his speech, Cresswell will in any case have achieved one of his objectives: to re-talk about this practice which seems to be gaining momentum across the Channel.

Source: The Independent

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