‘The Messi chapter is not over’ Laporta revealed the possible return of Messi

For Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona , ​​the absence of the Argentine star still dampens the foundations that the Blaugrana team built around the player, so In any case, hopes remain.

“Messi has been everything, for Barça he has possibly been the best player in history, the most efficient, only comparable to Johan Cruyff in the history of Barça,”

Said the president of Barça.

“But it had to happen one day, we had to make a decision as a consequence of the legacy we had received, the institution is above players and coaches, but I think, I wish that the Messi chapter is not over yet at Barça and I think it is Our responsibility is to ensure that this open chapter, which has not yet been closed, has a good moment in which it can be done as it should have been done and, in addition, has a much more splendid ending than it was”.

Laporta Continued.

Laporta reiterated that the economic problems generated during Josep Maria Bartomeu’s administration almost made the institution disappear and limited all paths, which led him to make the tough decision to send Lionel Messi to the Parisian club, knowing that he would lose his best player and an “idol” as he himself describes him, therefore, he acknowledges, there is an outstanding debt to settle with the Argentine.

“Yes, morally. As president of Barça, I think I did what I had to do, but on a personal level and also as president, I think I owe him,”

He concluded.

Source: ESPN

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