On the sidelines of the 12th day of Serie A between Inter Milan and Sampdoria Genoa (3-0), the leader of the ultras of the Milanese club, Vittorio Boiocchi, was shot dead. In tribute, the supporters of the Curva Nord left the stadium in the middle of the match.

The image of the Curva Nord fans stopping singing, removing their banners and walking out of San Siro at the end of the first period between Inter and Sampdoria Genoa (3-0), will be remembered forever.

La Curva Nord deserts San Siro after the death of the historic capo of Ultras nerazzurri

The meeting, counting for the 12th day of Serie A , was marked by this symbolic action of the Ultras Milanese, after learning of the death of their leader Vittorio Boiocchi, the historic capo of the “CN”. The latter, aged 69, died shortly after being admitted to San Carlo Hospital. He was seriously injured in a shooting that took place in the early evening on the western outskirts of Milan , in Figino, not far from his home.

Sentenced to 26 years in prison on multiple occasions (international drug trafficking, criminal association, illegal carrying and possession of weapons, robbery, kidnapping), Boiocchi was allegedly hit in the chest by three shots. A mobile team from the Milan police headquarters is investigating the murder.

Source: RMC Sport

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