The explanations of the Italian police after the arrest of Bukayoko by mistake

The Italian police on Monday justified the eventful intervention suffered by footballer Tiémoué Bakayoko in early July in Milan.

Strongly criticized for a supposed racist act, the Italian police defended themselves on Monday after the controversy born of a video where the police intervened in a muscular way against the French midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko.

Filmed at the beginning of July, the video found a strong echo after its publication on social networks. And faced with the media frenzy, the public authorities were keen to react to justify this operation. The police checked the French footballer and held at gunpoint the people present with him in his vehicle. A control motivated by the search for the perpetrators of a nearby shooting for which the outfit (the green top) and the look of the AC Milan player seemed to match.

“It should be noted that this intervention took place in an operational context that justified the adoption of the highest security measures, explained the Lombard police in a press release sent to the Reuters agency . Also, for reasons of protection personal, the intervention was carried out in a manner entirely consistent with the type of alarm in progress.”


No protest from Bakayoko according to the police

During this arrest, Tiémoué Bakayoko did not resist and the situation was quickly calmed when the identity of the midfielder was confirmed. Loaned last season, and until 2023 to AC Milan by Chelsea, the Frenchman won the Scudetto there with the Rossoneri. If his name has recently circulated at OM , the international midfielder (a selection) could stay in Lombardy during the 2022-2023 campaign.

“Once the person was identified and it was established that he was not involved, the service was resumed without any remarks from the person concerned”,

The police in their communicated.

Police officers congratulated by a union

Beyond the justifications of the police after the muscular control of which Tiémoué Bakayoko was the victim, a Lombard police union wished to congratulate the police officers involved for their management of this intervention. Secretary of Siulp Milan, Paolo Magrone praised the agents for their self-control and above all for “the meticulousness of the operation which involved very young but well-prepared police officers” in remarks reported by the media Calcio Finanzia.

“In accordance with the regulations, they had their weapons in their hands and held the two arrested men at gunpoint,” further justified the local police representative.

Source: RMC Sport

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