Bayern Munich are embarking on a new era after dismissing Julian Nagelsmann. The Bavarians have a new coach in Thomas Tuchel.

The former Chelsea coach is taking over a team that needs to win the Bundesliga and go as far as possible in the Champions League.

One of the club’s most important players is Leroy Sane, who Tuchel will have to bring back from the cold.

Sane is not performing at the level expected, after Bayern paid Manchester City no less than 52 million euros for him.

The demands on the winger are high and his performance is below the level expected of the German international.

Perhaps Sane is being impacted by the difficulties in his personal life. The footballer is not close to his partner, American model Candice Brook, who lives in London with their children Rio Stella and Milo.

Candice has grown tired of living in Munich, leaving the former Manchester City star on his own.

The player was absent from Bayern Munich’s training sessions throughout the international break.

Sane wasn’t called up for Germany, so he was supposed to be working at Bayern’s training facilities, but he simply didn’t show up.

Then, the German newspaper ‘Bild’ started to investigate the issue, until they solved the enigma. The footballer had gone to London to spend time with his partner.

Bayern Munich were aware of this, because they gave him permission to travel and train on his own, as he had been given a specifically tailored training plan from the Bavarian club’s own medical staff.

Because of this situation, the model Candice, who incidentally bears a strong resemblance to Rihanna and is also a singer, is putting Sane’s career in a difficult position because he must travel a lot if he wants to spend time with his partner.

From this point until the end of the season the former Schalke star won’t have as many days off as he does now, so it will be even more difficult for him to see her.

Source: Marca

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