Spectacular draw between Tottenham and Chelsea, after an explosive duel

The meeting of the second day of the English championship between Tottenham and Chelsea (2-2) was stunning by the scenario but also by its atmosphere, electric between the two coaches.

The Premier League has the best in store for us at the start of the season. In a London summit full of tensions, Chelsea and Tottenham shared the points (2-2) this Sunday at Stamford Bridge. Reece James thought he had struck at the end of the match, when Tottenham had just equalized in an electric atmosphere. Happy then unhappy, the Blues defender deflected a Tottenham corner into his own net after added time. Cruel.

This draw is a miracle for Tottenham as the Italian Antonio Conte ‘s team was dominated by that of his counterpart Thomas Tuchel , even downright overwhelmed during a one-sided first period. The narrow gap on the scoreboard at the break, achieved thanks to a magnificent volley from Kalidou Koulibaly, did not reflect the overwhelming dominance of Spurs. Suffocated, the Spurs encountered all the trouble in the world to cross the halfway line, completely cornered in their half of the field.

Tuchel and Conte almost came to blows

If Chelsea remained in control of the ball, the Tottenham team came back to life in the game on the counter-attack. Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg, however, put the two teams level on one of the few Spurs placed attacks. Hysterical after the equalizer, Conte went to provoke a one-on-one with Tuchel, while the German complained of a foul before the Tottenham goal. Calm returned after a few minutes of friction , but the tension never really subsided.

Proud, Thomas Tuchel ran along the sideline to ostensibly show his joy by shouting his rage to win in the face of Conte, after the goal of Reece-James. The Italian did not hesitate either to throw his own line at the end of the match. And what had to happen happened. The handshake between the two men was explosive, Tuchel grabbing the hand of his counterpart not to let go, the time to slip him a few sweet words. The altercation provoked a new crowd quickly dissipated by the intervention of the players and the refereeing corps.

Concern for Kanté

This sows great promise for a reunion that promises to be electric between the two men in the return match. In the meantime, the most disappointed is certainly Thomas Tuchel, who gives up two points at home after a match that his team largely dominated. Worse, the German technician may have lost his midfielder N’Golo Kant√© for a while. The French international was injured while accelerating with the ball. Touch in the right thigh, he immediately left the field, replaced by Conor Gallagher.

Source: Sky Sports News

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