Shakhtar claims 50 million euros from FIFA

Shakhtar Donetsk has contacted the Court of Arbitration for Sport to initiate proceedings against FIFA. The Ukrainian club is claiming nearly 50 million euros from the international body due to a shortfall during the summer transfer window due to the war in Ukraine.

Handicapped by the raging war between Ukraine and Russia, Shakhtar Donetsk saw many players leave the club after the Russian army invaded the country. 

After being allowed to play the end of the 2021–22 season with another team, foreign players under contract with Ukrainian clubs were given permission to play with the club of their choice in 2022–23 . Ukrainian teams can only negotiate transfer fees until June 30, 2022.

A FIFA decision, dated June 21, which will lead to a conflict with Shakhtar Donetsk according to information from The Athletic site . The Ukrainian club will take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in order to recover part of the shortfall for these forced departures of several players. The formation with 13 championship titles sent a courier to the CAS with the documents to launch a procedure and claim nearly 50 million euros.

Too little time to negotiate transfers

Accustomed to recruiting promising Brazilians in order to shine in the Champions League, the Ukrainian club believes they are losing money with the decision allowing foreigners to leave Ukraine during the war with Russia. The only way to recover money for Shaktior is to find an agreement for possible transfers before June 30.

With only nine days to complete departures, the club located in Donetsk had no other choice than to see several executives leave unilaterally from the beginning of July. After this exemption allowing foreign players to play elsewhere in 2022-2023, no less than 14 footballers under contract left Shaktior for the coming season.

‘Nobody cares about Ukrainian clubs’

Questioned by the British media, Sergei Palkin regretted the position of FIFA. The Shakhtar general manager has blasted the body’s lack of consideration for Ukrainian clubs after the start of the Russian invasion.

“Everyone thinks we are one football family. This decision has crossed out this slogan, launched the Ukrainian leader. We are not a football family because nobody cares about Ukrainian clubs. It’s really very unfortunate. FIFA don’t care about us.”

Lyon and Fulham have benefited from Shakhtar’s problems

The Ukrainian leader relied in particular on two examples of his club’s losses during the summer transfer window. Close to an agreement with Fulham for the transfer of Manor Solomon , Shakhtar Donetsk received a letter from the Cottagers in the wake of FIFA’s decision.

“We had almost exchanged contracts and agreed on everything but when FIFA made this decision they (Fulham) emailed us to say that due to FIFA’s decision they were withdrawing their proposal. , Palkin explained again. There was absolutely nothing we could do to stop this. He signed a contract with them and is a Fulham player.

Like the Israeli, whose contract with Shakhtar Donetsk will end in December 2023, the Brazilian Tetê should no longer play in Ukraine. Again Sergei Palkin has confirmed discussions with OL for the South American winger. But once FIFA’s decision, the Rhone club withdrew from negotiations to welcome him on a free loan this season before, potentially, buying out his last six months of contract in July 2023.

With the compensation for the transfers of Manor Solomon and Tetê alone, Shakhtar Donetsk expected to recover nearly 26 million euros according to the leader. Already weakened by the shutdown of the Ukrainian championship, the massive destruction of its infrastructure and a drop in its income.

Source: The Athletic

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