Scandal at the FFF, an audit and few reports

An audit was launched by the Ministry of Sports within the French Football Federation, targeted by numerous allegations and singled out for its low rate of cases of reports to the authorities on cases of gender-based and sexual violence.

This Friday, September 16, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra (Minister of Sports, the Olympic and Paralympic Games) initiated an audit within the French Football Federation to shed full light “on the management of the federation and the respect of the obligations which are attached to it”. For several days, the FFF and its president Noël Le Graët have been singled out for excesses in management, but also cases of sexist and sexual violence.

In fact, this mission, which will be entrusted to independent inspectors, should make it possible to establish and have a clear view of the state of the most powerful federation in France, with more than two million licensees. The inspectors will study, interrogate, document and investigate behind the scenes of 3F for several months.

Few reports

“Everything will pass, confides a member of the ministry to RMC Sport. Even if it is a different mission from the inspection carried out within the GIP France 2023 ( organizing committee of the Rugby World Cup, editor’s note ) , basically it should also shed light on the problems and it should, if problems exist, help employees to speak with confidence.

The audit must also allow the minister to have with the report a complete panorama of the situation of this federation under delegation of public service before drawing decisions.

The survey published by the Norwegian media, Josimar Football , under the pen of independent journalist Romain Molina, also points to the low rate of reporting by the FFF to the judicial authorities on cases of gender-based and sexual violence. For several years, faced with a freedom of speech in the world of sport, several federations have taken this case head on to help their licensees who are victims.

However, the ministerial unit devoted to this question – created by former minister Roxana Maracineanu – has shown its effectiveness since its creation in 2020. It collected more than 600 cases concerning 54 sports federations, at the end of 2021.

Source: Nicolas Pelletier( RMC Sport)

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