Ryan Giggs assured on Tuesday that he had never committed violence against women, but admitted to having been unfaithful

He pleaded not guilty. Speaking for the first time in his domestic violence trial , Ryan Giggs said on Tuesday that he had never committed violence against women. In front of the Manchester court, the former star footballer of Wales and Manchester United, double winner of the Champions League, only admitted having been unfaithful on several occasions.

When his lawyer Chris Daw asked him if he had “ever assaulted a woman in his life”, the 48-year-old ex-player and former manager of the Welsh national football team replied “no”. Same answer when his representative asked him if he had “ever tried to control or force a woman, in any way or in the way that Ms. Greville claims”.

Kate Greville, his former partner, assures that Ryan Giggs, in November 2020, gave him a headbutt and that he elbowed in the jaw his sister who had intervened. She further described an argument early in their relationship in which he allegedly dragged her naked down a hallway where he dumped the contents of her suitcase.

“Are you able to resist?”

Ryan Giggs, whose behavior on the “moral level” had been presented as “far from being perfect” by his lawyer, admitted that he had not “managed to remain faithful” to his successive companions, including his ex -girlfriend and Kate Greville.

“If an attractive woman shows interest in you, regardless of your marital status, are you able to resist?” asked the lawyer. “No,” replied Ryan Giggs, who, if found guilty of the charges against him, faces up to five years in prison.

Source: JA with AFP

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