Premier League: Why many clubs’ shirts aren’t available for sale online

At the dawn of the 2022-2023 season, English clubs are affected by major supply concerns from Asia. Many of them cannot supply their online store. And the problem could last.

A frustrating time for England fans. At the dawn of the 2022-2023 season, many jerseys are currently unavailable on the online stores of their favorite clubs. The fault is significant supply concerns from Asia, where the equipment manufacturers have based a large part of their production. The closure of certain factories and the production rates limited by the restrictions linked to the Covid crisis are disrupting the delivery chain. In addition to problems affecting the port network.

Result: In the top four divisions of English football ( Premier League , Championship, League One, League Two), more than half of the clubs (44 out of 92) are unable to offer their new home and away kit on their site of online sales. According to the BBC , twenty-two teams only have their home kit in stock, seven only offer their away kit and nineteen have none available. This is particularly the case for Crystal Palace and Leeds United , which play in the first division.

Adidas tries to “find the best solution”

Most clubs won’t have all their shirts on sale when the season kicks off, scheduled for July 29 for the Championship, July 30 for League One and League Two, then August 5 for the Premier League . Some teams will even have to wait until the start of the school year to satisfy their supporters, who are inevitably disappointed by this situation.

Adidas released a statement saying it is doing everything possible to resolve these concerns. “Like many other industries, we continue to be faced with limited transport capacities, explains the German brand. We understand the frustration felt by fans at the moment and we are working closely with our partners to find the best solution. to deliver the products as soon as possible.”

Small clubs more impacted

These delivery delays have a significant impact on jersey sales, even if fans should catch up later (especially during the holiday season). Clubs are generally remunerated by a fixed amount at the start of the season, to which is added a low commission per copy sold (7% on average), but the shortfall remains significant. Especially for small clubs, which should be supplied after the big teams, much more profitable for equipment manufacturers.

Source: Alexandre Jaquin( RMC Sport)

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