The Premier League wants to make conversations between referees and their video assistants available after matches this season.

A small revolution is underway in the English football championship. Premier League leaders want to broadcast the conversations between referees and VAR after every game this season. It is currently a plan carried by Richard Masters, boss of the English championship who ensures that the idea enjoys broad support. The aim is to give greater transparency to the decisions taken by the central referee while the conversations with the video assistants are kept secret.

The release of the audios would only take place after the final whistle as football lawmakers do not allow them to be broadcast live. The practice is already taking place in Major League Soccer, the United States football championship, whose head of refereeing, Howard Webb (former referee very well known in Europe), is expected to return to the Premier League as the new head of referees . The documents could be posted on YouTube.

« A desire to be more open with the fans »

“There is a general opinion that broadcasting audio is a good thing, said Richard Masters. There is a desire to be more open with fans on decision-making referees and how precisely we do that, we have to work. »

Remarks quoted by The Times

In France, Amazon Prime Video, co-broadcaster of Ligue 1 with Canal+, also wants to equip referees with microphones. According to information from RMC Sport, the French Football Federation (FFF) is in favor of this idea, which must still be validated by the IFAB, which decides the laws of the game. An official request was also sent several years ago. months at the instance. Last May, Pablo Longoria and Jean-Michel Aulas, presidents of Marseille and Lyon, also spoke out in favor of a sound system for the referees after controversies during the match between the two teams (0-3).

Source: The Times

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