Paul Pogba placed under police protection

The day after the incarceration of Mathias Pogba and several other relatives of Paul Pogba indicted and suspected of “extortion in an organized gang”, Le Parisien reveals that the Juventus player is under police protection.

As a result of the threats and intimidation attempts he denounced, Paul Pogba was placed under police protection, according to information from Le Parisien . His mother Yeo Moriba, who is also said to have been pressured and threatened at her home at the end of July, enjoys similar protection.

If Paul Pogba currently lives in Turin after his transfer to Juventus during the summer, his close security would not stop at the transalpine borders. He would also benefit from it if he were to pass through French territory, for example.

Mathias Pogba imprisoned on Saturday evening

This information is revealed the day after the indictment and imprisonment of Mathias Pogba , suspected of “extortion in an organized gang” on his brother Paul. Placed in police custody earlier in the week, the former player of Tours and Belfort had been brought before the judge of freedoms and detention on Saturday evening.

Like the four other suspects who went before the judge, Mathias Pogba therefore spent his first night in prison. He is the one who made the Pogba affair public by posting several threatening videos on social networks at the end of August, where he claimed to be about to make major revelations about his brother Paul.

Source: RMC Sport

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