Back in the fore with Barça, Ousmane Dembélé was recalled to the France team by Didier Deschamps two months before the World Cup for which he is applying for a place in his coach’s list. The Barcelonian, called up for the first time since the Euro, is reaping the fruits of work undertaken on his training methodology and his lifestyle. 

The click happened at the same time as the Dutch technician Ronald Koeman : “I had to work to be able to play, to be able to perform, to be healthy, above all to have the health to be able to play and then to be able to perform little by little”, said he explained in Rothen Catches Fire .

Dembélé: “I’ve had it for the past five years”

To achieve this, Ousmane Dembélé transformed his work environment by hiring the services of a physical trainer and a physiotherapist, while criticism mainly targeted his lifestyle when fate was beating him. “I was young like everyone else. We were able to go out,” admitted Ousmane Dembélé. “But not that much. Not what we imagine”, he immediately wanted to put things into perspective. The potential injury prevention work put in place with his Barcelona club has in any case allowed him to ward off the threat, which has become his daily life in recent years, almost a fatality.

“I had a lot of hamstring injuries, he recalled. So you had to work, I was often told: ‘If you don’t work, you’ll stagnate. You’ll hurt yourself , if you don’t strengthen yourself. And then there was this click, with Koeman, and with Xavi it’s going even better. Since that time, I haven’t had any injuries. fingers, we continue to work and then I’m fine, I feel good in Barcelona, ​​I have the confidence of the whole team, the whole club, and I’m happy. for the past five years, now everyone is talking about football, it’s better.”

In contact with Xavi, the former emblematic midfielder of Barça, Ousmane Dembélé has further matured and completed his transformation by becoming a dad recently: “For the moment, I have not yet realized, it has just happened. So no. It’s good, it’s good, we’re growing up, as they say. It was also time to have a little girl, so it’s very good. More responsibilities, the life of dad what.”

Source: RMC Sport

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