While many fans will be residing in Qatar’s neighboring countries during the 2022 World Cup (November 20-December 18), more than 160 flights will make the journey to get them to the stadiums.

A new environmental aberration for the 2022 World Cup . Several neighboring countries of Qatar will set up daily shuttles by plane to transport the very many supporters to the stadiums. Due to its small size (2.8 million euros) and reduced reception capacity, the Emirate will not be able to accommodate the flow of more than one million supporters (1.2 million is expected) who have come of the whole world.

160 daily flights

If floating palaces have been set up, a large part of the visitors will reside in neighboring states between December 20 and December 18. And these will take advantage of the windfall. According to Obs estimates, more than 160 daily flights (the equivalent of one plane every 10 minutes) will be set up to allow supporters to go to the stadiums before returning to their accommodation on a return flight. . Flydubai, for example, “will offer up to thirty daily return flights between Dubai and Doha”.

The company has partnered with Qatar Airways and other national carriers for this offer which concerns supporters holding tickets for the matches. The carriers have thus created a “Match Day Shuttle” package allowing you to make the round trip during the day against 260 euros in economy class (nearly 1,000 euros in business class).

“Each passenger is entitled to one piece of hand luggage and can benefit from free ground transportation between Doha airport and the stadiums. With a high frequency of flights every day, the carrier has advised its passengers to select a flight landing in Doha at least four hours before the start of the chosen match.”

Explains the company

These shuttles every ten minutes add to the very controversial ecological balance sheet of the competition after the air-conditioned stadiums. This is found in the sights of many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which pinpoint Qatar for the non-respect of workers’ rights on the construction sites of the World Cup.

Source: RMC Sport

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