The question came, inevitably, but Jurgen Klopp was in no mood to give it too much thought. How could he? 

Asking Liverpool’s manager about his side’s top four prospects at this stage of the season made as much sense as his team’s tactics on an incomprehensible night.

Nothing makes sense about Liverpool at the moment. Five months ago they were two matches away from the greatest club campaign in history, now they are five points above the relegation zone and the idea that they will qualify for the Champions League next May is utterly risible.

They are giving up chances too easily, teams are running through their midfield at will and don’t look like scoring. Leeds were the latest to profit and the bounce that should have followed beating Manchester City two weeks ago has not been forthcoming.

This is, without question, is the biggest challenge of Jurgen Klopp’s reign and seven points from 18 in October has left them listing.

Liverpool had troubles two years ago but what makes this situation different is the fact that dip in form was triggered by having the heart ripped out of their team by injuries and playing in empty stadiums with no injuries.

Klopp knew that Liverpool’s form would pick up again in 2021 but, here, he is left with an increasing number of questions and is struggling to find the answers. It is not too dramatic to say next week’s trip to Tottenham has assumed critical importance.

Antonio Conte has been a thorn in Klopp’s side for the last 12 months – the 1-1 draw Tottenham chiselled out at Anfield in May effectively cost Liverpool the Premier League – and if they were to lose in North London, it is difficult to see how they could claw back a 13 point deficit.

It was a subject which Trent Alexander-Arnold was prepared to broach. Liverpool have been superb at extricating themselves from positions of difficulty in the past but if they don’t shake themselves quickly, their status amongst Europe’s elite – for this campaign at least – will disappear.

“I’d say we all believe in ourselves,”

“We believe in the way we play, we believe in the squad and what we can achieve. But I think when you do get setbacks, it can potentially make you second-guess yourself and question things.

“Clearly as a team something’s not going right, it’s not going as well as we want it to go. That’s something for everyone to think about, that’s something for everyone to address and make sure we put it right, especially next week against Spurs, top-four rivals.

“We kind of need to go there and get some points if we’ve got any chance of reaching our aims and aspirations for the season.”

Said Alexander-Arnold.

Source: Dailymail

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