‘No club wants him’ Ronaldo takes a heavy price the day after the confusion with Ten Hag

On Overlap, with Gary Neville, former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo. He doubts that his coach and teammates are happy to have him, and argues that no club in Europe wants to recruit him.

Who still wants Cristiano Ronaldo ? The question may seem absurd or even provocative, but it arises in England. In recent weeks, his lack of involvement has been pointed out, illustrated by the controversy during the friendly match against Rayo Vallecano , when the Portuguese left the stadium even before the final whistle.

“I always thought it was a weird signing. I always felt that this situation would happen, even if Ronaldo did good things.” 

Recognized Jamie Carragher in the Overlap show with Gary Neville.

Today, the cohabitation between the Portuguese striker and the new Manchester United coach, Erik ten Hag, seems complicated. The Dutch coach did not hesitate to say what he thought of his player’s attitude after the Rayo Vallecano episode.

“Ten Hag, I don’t think he wants it either”

But even if the Mancunians wanted to part ways with Ronaldo, it wouldn’t be easy. The candidates to welcome him are few and above all, they do not seem to be rushing. “No other club in Europe currently wants it, detailed Jamie Carragher. I could be wrong but it doesn’t look like United can part with it.”

“And if you ask ten Hag, I think he doesn’t want it either. I’m not even sure the Manchester United locker room wants Cristiano Ronaldo right now.”

Added the consultant to British channel Sky Sports

“If he wants to leave, Manchester United should facilitate his departure, he assured. Every press conference that ten Hag holds is polluted by the Ronaldo problem. If a player becomes the dominant factor, a distraction for the manager during press conferences, there’s only one thing to do. We all know that. Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.”

Gary Neville, former Manchester United player, is also not kind to Ronaldo.

Source: Sky Sports

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