Memphis Depay shows off his bored ape yacht club grill.

Memphis Depay, a professional Dutch footballer and Bored Ape Yacht NFT holder, showed off his sparkling grill featuring his BAYC NFT. Gabby Ellan Jewelry fashioned the customized grill, posting a video of it on Instagram with the caption “@memphisdepay with the first-ever @boredapeyachtclub Grill.”

First-Ever Bored Ape Yacht Grill Made For Memphis Depay

Barcelona football player Memphis Depay bought a Bored Ape NFT on February 1. He showed it off on Twitter and made it his PFP. Three months later, we can see the first-ever Bored Ape grill made especially for Depay.

The grill looks incredible, full of diamonds and other gemstones. The top portion of the grill shows enamel works of his NFT, Bored Ape #7921, and a lion resembling his tattoo which Depay said in an interview means “I have the heart of a lion.” In addition, there’s also a puma logo as Depay became Puma’s New Global Brand Ambassador two months ago.

The bottom grill spells out BATTW which can be connected to one of Depay’s IG posts with the caption “Blind and Deaf to the world. #BADTTW”.

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