Manchester United supporters staged an anti-Glazer march on Monday on the sidelines of the Premier League matchday

Quietly, many Red Devils fans have demanded the departure of the owners as rumors of a sale have multiplied in recent days.

Surprised by Brighton (1-2) then corrected by Brentford (0-4) , Manchester United is having a disastrous start to the season before the reception of Liverpool on Monday at Old Trafford at the end of the third day of the Premier League. And if that wasn’t enough, Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s desire to leave and the supporters’ revolt rocked the Mancunian summer.

Galvanized by recent rumors around a sale, fans have again led an anti-Glazer revolt before the duel against the Reds. Several thousand fans took part in a march towards the stadium to demand the departure of the owners, who they blamed for all the ills of the team due to their mismanagement.

A demonstration without violence

The first real shock of the season, the match against Liverpool also has great symbolic significance for fans of the Manchester Reds. During the 2020-2021 campaign, the duel between the two teams resulted in an invasion of Old Trafford even before the start of the warm-up and numerous incidents involving Red Devils supporters made the headlines in the British media.

Last season, the Mancunians had experienced hell against their rival with a humiliation in front of their public (0-5) from the ninth day of the Premier League. A correction that already seemed to definitively bury the championship title hopes.

This Monday, if the police had deployed a large security device for fear of overflows, the protest of the fans took place peacefully. Admittedly, many smoke bombs were lit and several chants against the Glazers rang out in the procession, but everything ended without a hitch.

After showing their power with a particularly well-attended mobilization, Manchester United supporters quietly gathered around Old Trafford for the match against Liverpool. If calm reigned before the match, a new rout of the proteges of Erik Ten Hag still risks a little more angering the fans of the Red Devils.

Source: Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC Sport

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