LeBron picks Dubs as playoff team he’d join for funny Draymond reason.

eBron James as a Golden State Warrior?L

This has been a hotly-debated topic on NBA Twitter and for bombastic talking heads, especially after James’ comments in April citing Steph Curry as the one NBA star he’d love to play with.

Curry was flattered, but generally has played it down.

Well let’s rev up hypothetical-land during the NBA Finals, where the Warriors evened up the series with the Boston Celtics in a 107-88 rout. Cue the trailer for the latest episode of HBO’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted,” where James is one of the executive producers.

The current Laker is asked of the teams left playing, which one would he play for.

“It would be Golden State,” quipped James. “I would love to get into a pissing match with Draymond. I love when someone [is] cussing me out.”

It’s unclear when James is asked the question. Was it before the playoffs started, when there were 16 teams? Or was it before the NBA Finals, when it’s either the Warriors or the Celtics?

Regardless, the media mogul and reportedly first active NBA player to become a billionaire knows what he’s doing, both on and off the court. For Warriors fans, it’s an entertaining distraction before the real drama continues with Game 3 in Boston on Wednesday.

Source: NBC Sports

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