Kalidou Koulibaly’s phone call with John Terry to ask for his No. 26 shirt

Chelsea’s new signing Kalidou Koulibaly has called John Terry, the Blues’ legendary former 26 holder, to ask permission to wear his number. He filmed this cool sequence.

Kalidou Koulibaly does things well. Signed by Chelsea from Napoli for €38m this summer, the defender called former club legend John Terry to ask permission to wear the former England defender’s number 26. The Senegalese international immortalized his call in a video he posted on his Twitter account.

“Sorry for my English, it’s not very good but I’ll try to do my best, first apologized the former Messin. John, I wanted to ask you something because, as you know , I played with the 26 in Napoli, and since you left the club, no one took the 26. I don’t know if it was retired or if no one wants to take it but I wanted to ask you if it It was possible that I wear the 26.”

“I really appreciate you calling”

On the other end of the line, Terry, who spent 22 years at Chelsea, appreciates the attention and agrees. “Honestly, 26 was very special to me, he replied. Yeah man, I really appreciate you calling and it’s no problem for me that you take it, an absolute pleasure. I wish you good luck because I know how important the number was to me and I obviously saw you wearing 26 too so, I’m glad mate, I’m giving you the 26.”

Grateful, Koulibaly concedes that this number would be “heavy” to bear, but Terry reassured him. “No pressure buddy, you’re going to win trophies for us, okay?” he concluded. Launched as a professional in 2000 with Chelsea, Terry played 715 games for the Blues and won 16 titles, including the Champions League in 2015 and five English championships. Retired since 2018 after a final adventure at Aston Villa, Terry became an Aston Villa assistant manager for three seasons in 2018.

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