Joachim Andersen faced death threats after Darwin Nuñez was expelled

The world of football is unforgiving, and fans too often go overboard. Joachim Andersen, behind the expulsion of Darwin Nunez, paid the price.

“I’m going to kill you and your family”, “You’re going to die”, “I hope you have a broken nose”, “Fuck you”, “Bitch boy”. Here are the kinds of messages that Joachim Andersen has received by the hundreds since yesterday, and the expulsion of Darwin Nunez that he caused.

The Danish defender shared several hate messages on his Instagram story, calling for calm: “I may have received 300-400 of these messages yesterday (Monday) evening. I understand that you support a team but have a little respect and stop harassing online” asked the Crystal Palace defender.

During most of the match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, Darwin Nunez and Joachim Andersen sought each other, provoked. In the 57th minute of play, the provocation turned to aggression .

Annoyed, Darwin Nunez tries for the first time to hit Joachim Andersen with his head, with a backward movement, while the former OL defender is behind him. A behavior that did not please the latter at all, who made it known to the Uruguayan striker, by jostling him. It was then that the number 9 of the Reds turned around and headbutted the Danish international, who collapsed. Indisputable red card for Darwin Nunez, who risks big.

Jurgen Klopp did not appreciate

“It’s definitely not a reaction you want to see […]. I’m not sure how long he’ll be suspended but that’s the situation and so we’re going to use him for the physical work – not as a punishment, just to make him even stronger”

Reacted his coach, Jurgen Klopp, after his team’s match, which conceded a draw (1-1) against Crystal Palace.

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