The Cali fans present at the Tuluá stadium went down to the playing field. Mayer and Teófilo were attacked and the game ended with a score of 2-0.

Cortuluá beat Deportivo Cali with goals from Wilder Guisao at minute 18 and Feiver Mercado, from the penalty spot , at 78, in the match for date 13 of the BetPlay League. The locals surprised Cali and in the first half they went ahead on the scoreboard.

In the second half, Cali dominated, had the ball and did their best to equalize. However, Cortuluá stood up well in defense and took care of the result before the impotence of the visiting players who could not find the spaces to go deep and reach the goal.

At minute 77, a counterattack by those led by Fernando Velasco turned into a foul in the area by goalkeeper Miguel Sánchez and a penalty in favor of Tuluá. Despite the protests of the Cali players who claimed to referee John Hinestroza that the play had been outside, the judge whistled for the launch from the maximum penalty spot.

The person in charge of collecting it was Feiver Mercado who did not fail, but with his goal he caused the fans of the green team present in the stadium to invade the field. The Cali fans moved from the stands to the field of play and the referee immediately suspended the game. In videos captured by fans, it is seen how Teófilo Gutiérrez and Mayer Candelo were attacked by fans.

La Dimayor made the decision to end the game due to lack of guarantees for the players of both teams.

History of field invasion this year

On April 24 of this year, the Junior fans invaded the field of the Sierra Nevada stadium in Santa Marta . Referee Eder Vergara had to suspend the match when it was tied at 1 goal.

In that case, a fan of the Union was the one who provoked those of Junior by passing next to the tribune destined for the followers of the visiting team .

Unión was sanctioned with the loss of the match by 0-3, a fine of 45 million pesos, Sierra Nevada was sanctioned 10 dates and for Junior three sanction dates from the Metropolitan and an 11 million sanction.

Source: AS Colombia

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