Harry Maguire is definitely not spared by football fans around the world. While Manchester United faced Crystal Palace (3-1) in a friendly match, the captain of the Reds Devils was being whistled.

Misfortunes continue for Harry Maguire . The captain of Manchester United is definitely not spared by spectators around the world. It is to believe that apart from his coach, Erik Ten Hag, who continues to reiterate his confidence in him and confirmed him as captain, no one believes in him.

Among the 76,499 spectators present for the friendly match in Melbourne against Crystal Palace (3-1), a large part supported Manchester United, a particularly popular club in Australia.

The river victories of Manchester United in preparation were obviously not enough to attenuate the hostility of the Mancunian supporters towards the captain of their team. From the composition of the teams, the name of Harry Maguire was widely whistled by the public of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. These whistles continued for the first thirty minutes of the match against Crystal Palace, reports The Telegraph .

The whistles follow other displays of hostility last season in the Premier League, where the Manchester United defender was widely singled out and blamed for his team’s poor results. A context which does not prevent the Red Devils from succeeding in their preparation with three victories in as many friendly matches.

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