‘Guardiola is a bit crazy, and I like that’, Haaland already very comfortable with the cityzens

Scorer in his first friendly match with Manchester City this Sunday, Erling Haaland revealed after the game his joy at having joined Pep Guardiola’s troops, ensuring that he was “ready” for the future.

Twelve minutes. Not one more. For his first match with Manchester City this Sunday, a friendly against Bayern in the United States (1-0), Erling Haaland did not take long to find the net . But obviously, he expected such an integration.

Asked after the meeting about his adaptation, the Norwegian striker confided his pleasure in having joined the troops of Pep Guardiola. 

“As you probably know, I’ve watched a lot of City games in recent years, and in recent years they were playing without a (leading) striker. So of course I saw myself in those situations like today, I’m not surprised.”

“I trained well and I’m ready for the rest”

The former Dortmund player is also eager to start serious things with the Cityzens. 

“Guardiola is a bit crazy and I like that, he continued with a smile. It’s going to be fun. It’s only been a week so I can’t say too much, but I trained well and I’m ready for what’s next.”

Source: RMC Sport

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