The search engine included the names of two teams who would be playing in the Lusail Stadium on the date of December’s final of the tournament.

The World Cup in Qatar will begin on November 20, and tech behemoth Google showed the massive computing power behind its search engine by appearing to know the future, more specifically, who will play in the tournament’s final. Either that or it was a silly error.

Predicted 2022 World Cup finalists

For a few hours the two teams who would play in that global event were shown for people who search for the query about the upcoming events to be held at the Lusail Stadium, where the World Cup final will be held.

During the period in question, if you searched for ‘Lusail stadium events’ on Google, the result showed among your answers the six matches of the first phase of the World Cup to be held in that stadium, a round of 16 match, a quarterfinal match and one of the semifinals, which are also based on this pitch, as well as the final. The surprise ‘reveal’ appeared just with this last game, as Google made the call that it would be played between Brazil and France.

In the same search, along with that hypothetical Brazil-France match on December 18, another result offered by Google for that day was TBC vs TBC. That is, the teams for that match are not yet confirmed. Hours later, Google corrected the error and among the search results for ‘Lusail stadium events’ Brazil and France no longer appeared.

The six matches actually confirmed to be held at the Lusail stadium are in the first stage: Argentina-Saudi Arabia (November 22), Brazil-Serbia (24), Argentina-Mexico (26), Portugal-Uruguay (28), Saudi Arabia-Mexico (30) and Cameroon-Brazil (December 2).

Given the quality that both Brazil and France have in their ranks, few could argue with it being a likely final pairing, assuming the draw works out that way.

Source: AS

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