Germany beat France 2-1 to reach the EURO 2022 Final

Pushed to the brink, again! Germany were clearly the stronger team in the first half but a bolt out of the blue fromย Les Bluesย changed everything at half-time.

France poured it on and it was really anyoneโ€™s game. Probably the strongest collection of talent and tactical proficiency weโ€™ve seen in an opponent so far this tournament.

But somehow, Germany find a way. These are the kinds of wins championships are made out of.

Big credit to the German defense actions today. Almost every time France built up into a danger situation, bodies crowded around the ball. Attackers were getting back to help out. It was hard to find a way through.

Something like nine out of ten for Germany in the Womenโ€™s EURO semi-finals? The Germans are also eight-out-eight in the Final and will be looking to keep that streak perfect.

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