Eric Cantona is out of his hinges. In an interview with The Athletic , the former Manchester United player attacked David Beckham, whom he met at Manchester United in the late 1990s. England international for making “a big mistake” by agreeing to promote tourism and culture in Qatar , which is hosting the World Cup this winter (November 20-December 18).

“I do completely the opposite. In January 2022, I started saying that. I was perhaps the first to do it. An ex-player paid to do this kind of thing… He maybe they don’t know what happened there. Or if they do, I think they did something wrong. I think they made a big mistake. A big, big mistake.”

He explains a role he would “not at all” accept if asked.

There are many criticisms of Beckham

Eric Cantona is not the only one to be critical of the Englishman. On September 1, the former Madrid native praised Qatar, explaining that the country was “perfection” to spend “a few days”, including with his children. He also praised “the mix between modernity and tradition” which creates “something really special”. A campaign that would bring him 10 million pounds (11.5 million euros).

The star has been the subject of strong criticism on social networks, in particular from Internet users deploring the fate reserved for the LGBT community in Qatar. The NGO Amnesty International condemned the campaign, highlighting the country’s “appalling human rights record”.

“Beckham’s global fame and status is gold for Qatar’s image, but he should use that image to call on Fifa and the Qatari authorities to address the terrible abuses to which tens of thousands of migrant workers have been subjected. faced when building”

Infrastructure for the World Cup, said Felix Jakens, one of Amnesty’s UK officials.

Source: The Athletic

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