Delays, cakes, parking…fines set by Steven Gerrard leaked

A copy of all the rules imposed by Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa leaked on Wednesday. The English coach has notably chosen to financially sanction late arrivals, forgetting flip-flops or cake on their birthday.

When a coach arrives at a club, he often intends to impose his rules on the group. Both tactically and in everyday life. Arrived during the season at Aston Villa in November 2021, Steven Gerrard is currently experiencing his first summer preparation on the bench of the Premier League club.

The opportunity for the former fantastic midfielder of Liverpool to introduce new rules before seeing them leaked this week on social networks. No less than 18 elements that can lead to financial fines for professional players.

Expensive delays

Fourteenth in the Premier League last season, Aston Villa hopes to enter the top 10 and potentially fight for a European place in 2022-2023. In order to maximize his team’s chances in the league, “Steevie G” has therefore listed all the elements which, according to him, contribute to the good understanding of the locker room on a daily basis. The teammates of Boubacar Kamara and Bertrand Traoré will thus risk a fine of around 600 euros (£500) for being late for training and 120 euros (£100) when they forget to wear their GPS used to compile data during the group session.

Unsurprisingly, the penalty climbs to over 1,100 euros (£1,000) for delays on match days. And if the addition was not salty enough, the Villans also risk losing several hundred minutes late to talks or rallies. At almost 240 euros per minute, it is better to invest in a watch so as not to miss the start of Coach Gerrard’s speech.

Sometimes surprising fines

Beyond the fairly standard fines for a football team, the Reds legend has also set up several surprising or amusing standards. When a member of the pro group shows up in the shower without their flip-flops, it will cost them another £100 ticket (€120). Ditto when he parks badly in the parking lot.

Among the most innovative fines, foodies will appreciate the 60 euros (£50) to be paid when you don’t bring a cake on your birthday. Special mention also to the 240 euros which will come to sanction the players scooping a yellow card for dispute. Finally, to ensure that the whole group emerges victorious and refines its good agreement, Steven Gerrard has planned that each player expelled during a match must invite his teammates to the restaurant within four weeks.

Source: Jean-Guy Lebreton

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