After Manchester City’s win against Liverpool in the Premier League, the Sky Blues fans threw a brick at the bus in which the visitors’ staff were in on the way back to Liverpool. ‘The Athletic’ reported the incident, which has already been condemned by the Citizens in an official statement.

Liverpool suffered a convincing defeat against Manchester City on Premier League matchday 29, and had an even harder pill to swallow after the game. On the way back, a brick was thrown at the bus which contained the Reds’ technical team. According to ‘The Athletic’, the object broke one of the vehicule’s windows, but there were no injuries for the occupants, who suffered no injuries.

This incident was confirmed by the ‘Sky Blues’, who reacted with an official statement. They mentioned that not only the incident in question, but also a series of “inappropriate” chants were heard from their own fans during the game, which ended up in a 4-1 victory for Pep Guardiola’s side. The Spanish manager was also the subject of a controversy, as he was saw to be involving the visiting players in one of his goal celebrations.

“Manchester City FC has been made aware that Liverpool FC’s coach sustained damage on its return journey following today’s game. We understand an object was thrown towards the coach in a residential area. Incidents of this kind are totally unacceptable, and we strongly condemn the actions of the individual(s) responsible. We will fully support Greater Manchester Police’s investigation into this incident in any way we can”,

“Additionally, the Club is disappointed to have heard inappropriate chants from home fans during the game today. We regret any offence these chants may have caused and will continue to work with supporter groups and officials from both clubs to eradicate hateful chanting from this fixture”

The statement said.

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