Chelsea launch review into allegations of ‘toxic culture of bullying’ within their marketing team

Chelsea have commissioned an investigation into accusations of a culture of bullying within their marketing team.

The club’s new owners have appointed “an external review team” after it emerged the former head of Chelsea TV took his own life in January.

Richard Bignell committed aged 44 and a coroner’s report found he had been “deeply troubled by anxiety, depression and despair following the loss of his job”.

The New York Times said Bignell, who worked at Chelsea for 18 years, had been abruptly sacked in September a day after returning from more than a year of medical leave.

Their report said Chelsea’s new owners “inherited accusations of a toxic culture” inside their marketing team.

The New York Times said it said it had spoken to almost a dozen employees of the club’s marketing department, and that a number of them said Bignell had struggled to cope with an aggressive management style that sometimes left colleagues in tears.

In their report, the New York Times said one staff member who left the Chelsea marketing department quit because of fears over his or her mental health.

Other staff were said to have been signed off on medical leave. In the New York Times report, it is claimed at least 10 staff members, from a department that employs about 50 people, had left the club.

Chelsea said in a statement: “The club’s new board believes strongly in a workplace environment and corporate culture that empowers its employees and ensures they feel safe, included, valued and trusted. Initial steps have been taken by the new owners to instil an environment consistent with our values.

“Our heart goes out to Richard’s entire family. His passing has been deeply felt by his colleagues at the club and across the football community.

“The club has appointed an external review team to investigate the allegations that have been made under previous ownership. Upon learning about the circumstances, new ownership has proactively reached out to Richard’s family through their counsel.”

Source: Yahoo News

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