Antonio Cassano considers that Cristiano Ronaldo’s career has already come to an end. The former Italian international maintains that he does not like him as a player and has instead praised Lionel Messi.

The performance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the start of the season 2022/23 has not been the expected, by what neither has had the sufficient regularity in the diagram of Erik Have Hag in the Manchester United. The Portuguese has been object of strong critical, especially by part of the also ex player of the Real Madrid, Antonio Cassano, in recent statements.

Through a podcast, the ex international Italian has recognised the level that has showed the luso along his career and what means in the history of the football, but sustains that his profile like player does not finish to be of his like, unlike other figures along the years: 

“Have an enormous respect for Cristiano, but like footballer does not like me”.

In front of the problems that has faced the international Portuguese in the last season and the criticisms of which has been white by the performance and the attitude showed in the Manchester United, Cassano considers that it has to withdraw like professional footballer: 

“A type like Christian has to want to: if you no longer can more, you have to throw the closing. It is a rule of all the sports”.

In his opinion, the luso already has given it everything in the field of game, so much with his clubs, in which it won five times the League of Champions (four with the Madrid and one with the United), as with his selection, to which carried for the first time to win an absolute title: 

“it has won It all, has been a phenomenon, has won a lot of money and now is not to title in the Manchester United. Withdraw you, already is”.

For the ancient forward, the career of Lionel Messi has been worthy of admiration by the experiences that the ex captain of the FC Barcelona has had to live from his starts:

“Messi is like Maradona and, when it speaks of sacrifices, it is necessary to remember that Leo went of Argentina with 14 years, surpassing a lot of physical problems. It was four years he only, in Barcelona, and these are sacrifices”.

Source: Dailymail

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