Asllani has criticized UEFA for using “50% fewer cameras” for VAR at Euro 2022 compared to the men

Sweden vice-captain Kosovare Asllani has criticized UEFA for using “50% fewer cameras” for VAR at Euro 2022 compared to the men’s European championship.

A few hours before a crucial semi-final against England (9 p.m. this Tuesday), Kosovare Asllani is raising his voice. The Sweden vice-captain did not hesitate to criticize UEFA for the system put in place for VAR. The new AC Milan player believes that the organization uses “50% fewer cameras” during Euro 2022 compared to the men’s competition, organized a year earlier.

“It’s really a disaster because decisions can’t be made with the same precision, she said at a press conference. It’s not just for us, there are other teams. There are has situations where you should have more cameras and that can be really decisive If we have a game where they make a mistake, because they draw the line on the wrong side, and we hear that they don’t have the same number of cameras, for me it is not acceptable.”

Sweden want a second consecutive final

For his part, coach Peter Gerhardsson claimed that former referee Jonas Eriksson had signaled an error for Rebecka Blomqvist’s goal in the group stage match against Switzerland (won 2-1 by Blagult). 

“We hadn’t seen it ourselves, but a Swedish referee pointed out to us that they had drawn the line wrong. You’re incompetent at your job if you do it that way. There shouldn’t be any difference between women’s football and men’s football. I think sometimes we trust this system too much. Even if it’s an obvious offside, you wait for the VAR decision, you don’t know until until the referee blows his whistle whether there is a goal or not.”

First in their group, which also included the Netherlands, Sweden waited for the very last seconds to defeat Belgium in the quarter (1-0). Facing the Lionesses, favorites at home, the teammates of legend Caroline Seger will try to get a second consecutive final after the one lost during the 2021 Olympic Games against Canada.

Source: AS

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