As the 2022/23 Primus National League draws to a close, the supporters of APR FC are gearing up to paint Nyamirambo black and white in celebration of their team’s anticipated league title victory. With a must-win clash against Gorilla FC at Kigali Pele Stadium on Sunday, APR FC finds themselves tied on 60 points with title rivals Kiyovu SC. However, APR FC leads the race with a superior goal difference of 10 goals, making the final game crucial for securing the championship.

Throughout the season, APR FC experienced a dip in form, causing some supporters to lose hope in their title aspirations. However, devoted fan Jacques Munyaneza, also known as Rujugiro, maintained unwavering faith in his team. Despite the challenges, he firmly believed that APR FC would turn the results around and contend for the title. With the final game approaching, Munyaneza expresses confidence in his team’s ability to claim the championship.

“It’s gratifying to note that I always believed in my team. Some have lost hope but for me, I know APR can do miracles. Gorilla can’t stand in our way as long as our players know it’s a title deciding game. We are a big team,”

He said.

Gloria Murekatete, widely known as Nyiragasazi, has been an ardent supporter of APR FC for over two decades. She views Sunday’s league game against Gorilla FC as the most important match of the season, hoping for nothing less than a victory that would secure the title for the fourth consecutive year. Murekatete expects the players to fight and give their best to collect maximum points. She emphasizes the need for the team to focus on the upcoming challenge and leave past difficulties behind.

This is our most important game in the league. A victory on Saturday means a lot to us, I believe that our players will fight, give their best to collect maximum points. So we have to put past challenges behind and focus on this match,”

Murekatete said in an interview.

“Our players are in good shape and ready for the match against Gorilla and understand well the magnitude of the assignment and it will be a big history in our country to win the title for the fourth time in a row,”

She added.

While APR FC, Kiyovu SC, and Rayon Sports all have a chance to clinch the title, APR FC holds a superior position. The decisive league games of these three teams could potentially yield surprising outcomes that few expect. To become league champions for the fourth consecutive time, APR FC cannot afford any mistakes and must defeat Gorilla FC in their final game. Their goal difference poses a significant challenge for Kiyovu SC to overcome.

Napoleon Muvala, another passionate supporter of APR FC, anticipates an exciting match but emphasizes the importance of securing all three points. Having followed the team throughout the season, Muvala expresses disbelief when APR FC dropped to third place. However, their resurgence, coupled with Kiyovu SC’s slip against Sunrise, has now placed the title within APR FC’s grasp. Muvala calls on fellow fans to rally behind the team and help them lift the championship trophy on Sunday.

While APR FC leads the title race, they remain aware that their mission is not complete until the final minute. Nearest challengers Kiyovu SC and Rayon Sports continue to vie for the opportunity to seize the title should APR FC stumble against Gorilla FC. Recent results have shown that any defeat or draw would shatter APR FC’s last-minute chance of securing the title, provided Kiyovu SC or Rayon Sports emerge victorious in their respective fixtures against Rutsiro and Sunrise.

Current League Standings:

TeamGames PlayedPointsGoal Difference
  1. APR FC 29 | 60 | +25 |
  2. Kiyovu SC 29 | 60 | +15 |
  3. Rayon Sports 29 | 58 | +18 |

Source: The New Times

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