After the win of As Roma in the conference league, Mourinho reveals a very special tattoo

Mourinho had his European record tattooed on his right arm, Just like that.

After maintaining the suspense, José Mourinho unveiled his tattoo on the upper right arm: a tribute to a win of his team AS Roma in the Conference League at the end of last season. Finally, a tribute to himself and his prize list above all.

As always or almost, José Mourinho will not be unanimous. On social networks in recent days, the Portuguese technician had fun teasing his new tattoo on his right arm. He unveiled it this Sunday evening on Instagram. And as many expected, there is a tribute to his recent title in the Conference League with AS Roma.

The tattoo puts the three European trophies side by side: Europa League, Champions League (in the center) and Europa League Conference. Three titles that The Special One won during his coaching career: twice the C1 with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010, twice the C3 with Porto (2003) and Manchester United (2017) and therefore the first edition of Conference League history last May with the Romans.

“This title is in the history of Roma, but also in mine”

A trophy which had also greatly moved José Mourinho , who had burst into tears on the lawn after the victory in the final against Feyenoord. 

“I told the players that they had to do their job by qualifying for the Europa League (with 6th place in the league). Today was not work, it was history to be written, he confided then. And we wrote it. We gave a lot for this competition without forgetting the priority objective which was to qualify for the Europa League. This title is in the history of Roma, but also in the It’s one thing to win with a team made to win, it’s another thing to win with teams like Porto, Roma, Inter… It makes you feel special.”

Source: MARCA

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