After the draw against Inter on Wednesday in the Champions League (3-3), Xavi spoke about the performance of Ousmane Démbélé. The Barça coach continues to maintain his confidence in the Blues winger, even if he does not validate all his initiatives on the pitch.

He first shook the stadium. By springing into the area to take over a cross from Sergio Roberto, Ousmane Dembélé opened the scoring during Barça-Inter on Wednesday, during the fourth day of the Champions League (3-3). And blew up the Camp Nou shortly before halftime. 

The 25-year-old winger celebrated with demonstrative joy his first goal of the season on the European stage. But the rest was much more complicated for the Catalan club, which finally conceded a draw almost synonymous with elimination. At the end of a second period where Dembouz was in difficulty. Like most of its partners.

After the meeting, Xavi returned to the performance of the dribbler of the France team and his taking of initiatives which were not always timely. 

“We have to make better decisions. That’s what a mature team does, explained the Barça coach. We have very young players, like Gavi (18) and Pedri (19), who take pretty good decisions.”

“Dembele gives us a lot of depth”

“For Ousmane, it’s a little more difficult, yet he has the ability to make the difference, he continued. He did it by scoring a goal, dribbling his direct opponent. I have a great confidence in Ousmane, because he can make the difference, even if often he makes the wrong choices, that’s clear. But he opens the game by playing one-on-one. He doesn’t just attack from there. inside, but also from the outside. He gives us a lot of depth, he is fast, he has several characteristics. So I have confidence in him.”

“We came back to the dressing room satisfied at the break, but then we paid for it with mistakes. There were very serious mistakes in the defense. And mistakes are expensive in the Champions League”.

Xavi also commented on his team’s defensive mistakes, embodied by Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique, guilty of two Nerazzurri goals. 

Source: Alexandre Jaquin

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